Authorities and organisations involved in providing security are expected to be able to handle a wide range of tasks and challenges in the field. We manufacture customised vehicles that are designed to meet the special requirements of the fire brigade, emergency relief services, and other civil protection and disaster relief organisations. From classic equipment vehicles to special vehicles designed for rope rescue missions. All based on established transporter models from various manufacturers.


Our shelving systems, for example, are perfectly designed so that all necessary tools are safely stowed away when on the road and immediately within reach when in use. We even provide lighting and signalling systems – not to mention countless other components – designed to suit your every need.

What’s more, we supply vehicles with all the custom markings you require, including bespoke branding and insignia. Quite simply, you can always count on us for a comprehensive, all-round service. We pride ourselves on our experience in the production of customised vehicles and the extensive expertise of our team.


We offer a wide range of services for fire brigades, their special divisions, and other civil protection and disaster relief organisations such as the emergency relief services, including:

• Custom shelving and cabinet systems for equipment, tools and machines, including rail systems and lashing eyes for securing loads

• Conversion and installation of special signalling systems, sirens and additional lighting

• LED beacon (blue) at the rear and LED front flasher in the radiator grille

• Installation of radio systems (digital and analogue), navigation and tracking systems

• Rear warning device with LED technology

• Installation of partition grids between the passenger area and load compartment

• Foiling in line with specifications and DIN standards


We spend a great deal of time on discussing customer-specific details from the outset to establish which requirements the vehicle has to fulfil in the field and which installations and conversions are most suitable. We are also happy to adapt our expansions to suit to existing equipment and machines for emergency workers. This close relationship with our customers is all part of what helps us to ensure that every vehicle is optimally equipped.