Whether we’re shipping complete vehicles or individual spare parts, we handle all aspects of the logistics for you. On land, on water or in the air, no matter where their destination. This includes support with any import restrictions and questions regarding local conditions. We also have an excellent relationship with the Federal Office for Export Control (BAFA) and the German Customs Office. To ensure we can handle exports safely for both sides, we rely on letters of credit in some cases.

This also includes drawing up the various necessary documents, such as a T1 document, letter of origin, dangerous goods declaration and end-user certificate, and for- warding an air waybill or bill of lading as standard. And for every shipment – whether it’s diplomatic cargo, or vehicles for companies, NGOs or private use – our logistics team will find the most effective and efficient means of delivery available.

It goes without saying that we also make sure our delivery not only arrives at the right time and place, but also safely. This includes storing tool kits, first aid kits, spare parts and loose equipment safely in closed containers and securing them in every vehicle.

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