Armoured vehicle driver training

1) Armoured vehicles are special vehicles and require specialised operation by the driver, who must always have full control

2) Parliaments, embassies and special services worldwide use specially trained drivers who hold a license to drive - operate armoured vehicles

3) The driver is responsible for the safety of all passengers, while the vehicle is in motion.

He has been taught how to immediately respond to any incident, while maintaining full control of the vehicle and driving in order to escape.

Armoured cars in collaboration with two leading companies in the field of armoured vehicles drivers training based in Germany can take on all learning levels, offering a certificate in safe driving - operation of an armoured vehicle, at a circuit located 35 km outside Frankfurt.

The head of Armoured Global Cars training department conducts and attends all educational programs worldwide involving the following areas:

- Counter-terrorism and armoured vehicle

- Management of crisis, hostage and kidnapping situations

- Special escape manoeuvre learning and use of equipment of the vehicle, which guarantees the absolute safety of passengers.


Regarding his education, training, schools attended and degrees, reference below in a brief curriculum vitae:

• School for Anti-terrorism by Hellenic Police

• School for Instructors of the Core Trainers of Olympic Security, Sector of V.I.P. Protection by  Hellenic Police

• Trainer-Instructor of Close Personal Protection of V.I.P. by International Training Incorporating  (I.T.I.) an Armor Holdings Company (U.S.A.)

• School of Training for Personal Security of V.I.P. by Israeli Security Academy

• Trainer-Instructor of Hellenic Shooting federation

• School of Body Language.

• School of Negotiations – Methods and Techniques (F.B.I. & Scotland Yard).

• School of Crisis Management.

• School of Explosive Devices – Parcels & Letters.

• School of Hostile Surveillance (Methodology & Confrontation).