Our company is founded on one principle: “unwillingness to compromise”.

We have looked for an engineer all over the world who can guarantee the maximum level of resistance and appropriateness of armored vehicles.

Our partners in Germany are certified by two international organizations. “The Beschussamt Deutschland (Germanproof House)”. “Millbrook, QinetiQ UK Deutscher TÜV (German Technical Inspection Authority) etc.”

The factory uses materials and systems characteristic to military and defensive industries.

It produces armored vehicles for its clients, independently of the expenses related to development.

These benefits are grouped, thus allowing us to guarantee the maximum safety possible, from criminal and terrorist threats.

In the details aforementioned, there was an identification with German credibility.

Our philosophy is perfection and we continue our quest towards it.

Armoured Vehicles

Our armoured vehicles combine safety, modern design and luxury.

Our Vehicles

Ballistic System

Our company guarantees that the armouring system of its vehicles is designed to protect the driver and passengers from high level attacks with military weapons & explosives. The external appearance of the armoured vehicle remains identical to the original version



Considering the added weight, special constructions as well as modern safety provisions, the service requirements of the armoured vehicle are increased. ARMOURED GLOBAL CARS with its specialized staff can immediately take care of the service, maintenance and supply of spare parts.

Our Service

Quality – Luxury

ARMOURED GLOBAL CARS with unique design and armour, ensures an exceptional result in terms of structure, integrity and premium aesthetics for its vehicles