Our unique Armour System is designed to protect the driver and the passengers from high-level ballistic, multi-impact attacks with military weapons, explosives and blast fragmentation. The external appearance of our armoured SUV is identical to the OEM base vehicle.

Engine And Tank

 Engine Compartment: 
 Both batteries are protected by ballistic steel 
 Vehicle Management system is protected by ballistic steel.
 Fire Suppression System with independent pen-cartridges.
 No reservoir tank needed which safes cargo space and eases maintenance, repair and exchange of these systems
 by the equal extinguishing power. 
 The whole fire-wall is protected by ballistic steel, incuding all openings which are also covered by overlaps. 

Protected Fuel Tanks: 

Protected sub- and main fuel tank, armoured with ballistic steel (Thyssen Secure 500). For additional protection, “Explosafe” fuel tanks with the capability to close / seal bullet holes as well as prevent gassing of fuel.


Shielded roof

The roof steel protection system includes a 90° ballistic impact angle
(BRV 2009 VR7 and the CEN standard only requires 45°). 

The roof steel protection also provides enhanced protection against blast attacks
(2 x DM51 grenades / 2 x HG85 / 2 x DM31).

Shielded System

The window Seals on all five doors are covered with steel sleeves for the safest protection


Most armoured vehicles made by other manufactures are equipped with stepped armoured glass, fitted to the original base vehicle window frames (front, doors, rear sides and rear). It is a very ineffective, cheap method just to remove the original glasses and then fit the armoured glasses (on the outside steps) into the original frames. If stepped glasses are installed in an armoured car, all the heavy weight from the armoured glass just hangs on the tiny outside step from the armoured glazing package. Cracking on the edges is guaranteed.

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Stepped Glazing System Non-Step Glazing System Non-Step Glazing System


Runflat System


All terrain wheels with aluminium alloy 16"-18” rims suitable for vehicle weight:

- Load Index 122, BF Goodridge All Terrain T / A

- The spare wheel is mounted underneath the vehicle to the OEM location.



Βallistic Standards